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About Us

About Us

A short profile about TZTA International Ethiopian Newspaper

TZTA Ethiopian Newspaper online, one of Ontario’s leading providers of community information is an independent monthly newspaper published in Toronto, Canada. It was founded in 1994 for the purpose of presenting balanced coverage of events and promoting the best interest of Ethiopia and Canada. It owes allegiance to no political party, religious or other interest groups.

Our principal mission is to champion balanced presentation of the social, economic, political, and educational and entertainment events as they unfold to our ever increasing readership, giving impetus to the community news media and pushing further the frontiers of professionalism. We present to the Ethiopian and other communities in Canada undiluted and unbiased information from Ethiopia and Africa, not leaving out important issues about the rest of the world. We also promote the Ethiopian nation and its rich cultural heritage.

TZTA Ethiopian Newspaper is a trusted source for information about investment opportunities and also provides individuals, religious organizations and corporate bodies with a golden opportunity to reach out to their various clients through adverts at reasonable costs. This time we use our website differently. For your information, we have published our news for the last 22 years, starting October 2016 we have to continue publishing online only. Because the internet takes all the market, and people mostly depend on digital publishing in general. We have excellent services to serve the reader and the advertiser on-line and convinced to change from offline publication as the following.

  1. Website Exposure for detail information visit www.tzta.ca)                                           *You can read TZTA International Ethiopian Newspaper publishing monthly on our website (www.tzta.ca)                                                                                                   *also, you can explore our Directory Listing and Banner Ad.                                         * Breaking news, Current world, Canadian and Ethiopia news, article and the like are available                                                                                                                         * You can also explore Ethiopians websites links                                                           * You can also visit the archives to read the previous months                                          TZTA newspaper.
  2. You can visit the website on the mobile phone. (Visit tzta.ca)
  3. You can visit the website on Viber
  4. TZTA Business Directory Advertising (Free if you advertise with us)                           Read more the attachment with detail benefit of advertising on our website Directory listing. In Short advertising on our site business directory:                                           * Increases brand awareness and the amount of traffic directed towards a listed company,                                                                                                                          * Leads for formation of network,                                                                                  * Links to our newspaper your products & services                                                    * Exposes your website on our directory listing to get more information for your clients
  5. Banner advertising Sizes are Available as the follows                         * Header Banner Ad: 468 x 60 pixels:  One month free and then $75.00/month. * Business Card Banner Ad: 300 x 135 pixels: One month free and then $50.00/month. * Side Banner Ad: 300 x 250 pixels: One month Free and then $50.00/month.  * Footer Banner Ad: 728 x 90 pixels: One month free and then $75.00/month * Your advertisement must be transmitted in JPG or GIF format.
  6. RATE CARD FOR NEWSPAPER ADVERTISEMENT (On-line)                             Free AD any size for the first time advertisers. It is an introduction of our website for old and new customers. In the second order, there are slight payments.
  7. If you take a FULL PAGE AD one time free, you will take a QUARTER PGE AD according to your choice for the duration. (look the RATE CARD BELOW.)
  8. If you take a HALF PAGE AD one time free, you will take a HALF OF QUARTER PAGE AD according to your choice for the duration. (look the RATE CARD BELOW.)
  9. If you take a QUARTER PAGE AD one time free, you will take a FRONT PAGE AD according to your choice for the duration. (look the RATE CARD BELOW.)
  10. If you take a FRONT PAGE AD one time free, you will take a BUSINESS CARD AD according to your choice for the duration. (look the RATE CARD BELOW.)
  11. If you take a BUSINESS CARD AD one time free, you will take a CLASSIFIED AD for one year. (look the RATE CARD BELOW.)


TZTA Ethiopian Newspaper website has particular RATE CARD to promote your business, such as for One Month Free, for three months 10% discount, for six months 15% discount and a year 20% discount.

For detail information about advertising, we will email the  RATE CARD.or call us for detail information

  1. WE DELIVER OUR DIGITAL NEWSPAPER BY EMAIL MONTHLY FOR EACH OF OUR CUSTOMERS AND ADVERTISERS. We are structured first and foremost as a business and are Committed to satisfying all our stakeholders, including our readership and those who spend their hard earned money advertising with us. As a leading player in the Ethiopian community, we invite you to use this unique opportunity to publicize your institution and showcase its services and individual products to our broad and discerning readership. Our medium would be an excellent way to expand your clientele base and reach your stakeholders because we are family, community and corporate oriented.

We have a global reach made possible by our regularly maintained website. Our distributing network covers the GTA, Ontario, Quebec, Edmonton and some Provinces in Canada and outside Canada. The increasing number of advertisements we carry attests to our growing strength and popularity.

We present the news in a fresh perspective with a high level of professionalism, covering various sections and topics to challenge our readers intellectually as they intelligently analyze events as they unfold and affect them. It s is made possible by the invaluable contributions of our seasoned and professional staff whose loyalty and commitment have seen us to this level. They are strategically spread around key provinces and the world. Ethiopian Canadian News also accepts write ups, opinions, and letters for publication from members of the public. If you are interested, please send an email with a resume attached to the publisher.

If you are looking to reach and maximize your presence within the Ethiopian community, there is no better vehicle than the TZTA International Ethiopian Newspaper.


To be the Best Ethnic Media group with the Widest Reach in Canada through innovative journalism backed by excellent service delivery, highly motivated human capital and cutting- edge technology.


To impact positively on our readers/clients and the Canadian society as a whole, by providing reliable and good quality information that would help promote knowledge of the Nigerian heritage, inform, educate, empower and entertain.


Equity and Fairness


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